Jacob Wright
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A bit about Jacob Wright

Hey, I built this place 👋 Aside from building Jacobs Jobs from scratch, I've also got a passion for digital marketing. Helping businesses thrive online through advertising and SEO brings a certain amount of pride when you're able to help them reach targets they weren't able to before. So what's my experience? - 2 Years agency-side experience - Co-Founder of Buzzing Stocks, an AI algorithm that crawls the most talked about stocks on Twitter and Reddit giving users a highly powerful insight to which stocks are about to pop-off - Became a full-time digital marketer and started my own agency, doubleu Digital. A digital marketing agency focused on using the latest tech to help SME's. - Started Jacobs Jobs - a people and jobs directory helping to create business within Wales, rather than outsourcing outside of it. The platform is completely open, allowing anyone and everyone to use it. Since launching, the platform has been accepted onto Tramshed Tech & Googles Startup Academy (pretty cool right?)

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